We Dropped the Bidon

Words by Quoc Pham Photos by @quocshoes

Over summer, we dropped the customer service bidon. And for that, we'd like to apologise. We messed up, failed to communicate properly and frustrated a lot of people.

Here's what happened. First, when COVID hit, we unexpectedly found ourselves under-resourced as popularity for various models ramped up. At the same time, our distribution partner in Europe struggled to adapt and communicate. All of which kicked off a perfect storm, leading to - and this really hurts - a failure to deliver the excellent service to our customers that they deserve.

From the outside, our business might look sizeable. In fact, the opposite is true - we're small. Not that being small or independent should hamper us from doing a great job (in many ways it should mean we do a better job than the big cycling brands), but it does mean that when hit from all sides, we need time to work out the best way forward and get back on track. And if we'd done that, it would have been understandable. But we found ourselves overwhelmed and under-equipped at the exact time our customers expected answers.

So here's what we've done to make things better. We recently hired Bonnie (welcome, Bonnie!), to fill a new global customer service position. Over in Europe, we switched distribution partners, opting for less automation and a more hands-on, human approach. On top of that, in January we'll be launching a dedicated UK customer service phone line.

Combined with our existing email support and live chat, we're confident that with these changes, we'll be better positioned to deliver an exceptional experience, wherever the ride takes us.

Thank you for being part of our journey and choosing Quoc shoes.

The Quoc Team.