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Foot Fall - The New Quoc Merino Sock

Words by Peter Harrington Photos by @asaperture

Can you ever have enough socks? Probably. So let's assume you don't already own a pair of high rotation merino wool bike socks and tell you about our new accessory, the Extra Fine Merino Tech Sock.

Developed alongside the Gran Tourer gravel bike shoe collection, the Tech is a merino-rich, mid-weight cycling sock designed for understated utility. Made with almost 60% fine Australian merino, it exudes comfort, warmth and luxurious softness at every turn. And thanks to merino's well-documented properties, it'll even take repeated wear without working up an odour, which could lead you to muse: why take two pairs of socks into the backcountry, when one will do?

Inspired by our many bikepacking adventures during the development of the Gran Tourer, we built the Tech in a leave-no-trace green camo, complementing both the natural environment and the colourways of our gravel bike shoe.

Available to order in three sensibly sized options, the Techs are in stock and ready to ride.