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In Time, a Redesign

Words by @quocphamshoes Photos by @quocphamshoes

Quoc Shoes - site design

It’s funny how so many things in life come down to timing. That’s the way it was for us when we caught up with our good friend Pete, the founder of cycling brand Always Riding, back in December. With a new season approaching, a new shoe in the works (more on that here), we were looking to refresh our website, develop our blog and smooth out some growth-related e-commerce issues that had stumped us for a while. As it turned out, Pete had just sold his business and was living in the time that exists when one thing ends, and another begins.

Sensing a moment of synchronicity, we took the opportunity to talk business, e-commerce, content and cycling with a guy who we hold in high regard, and not only because he singlehandedly created and grew an awesome cycling brand; Pete was also a Quoc stockist, and knew our product line intimately.

Three months later, and the Quoc site is now live, a product of Pete’s new company Where Beagles Dare! - an e-commerce collective that hits the sweet spot for brands like ours looking for a retail-tested, creative approach to e-commerce, content and design.

What’s new? Aside from an entirely new design that leads with photography and product feature organisation, we’ve also created The Pedaler - a blog we hope to house unique content, stories and everyday news pieces like this one. Expect interviews, gear guides and a whole lot more.

Thanks for being part of the Quoc story so far. We can’t wait to share with you our new shoes, plans and ideas for the year ahead.