Kickstarters Ship, Night Mono Ready to Ride

Words by Peter Harrington Photos by @quocshoes

2019 was a big year for new releases at Quoc. First, we had the Weekend city sneaker, a do-everything bike shoe built for more than just the daily grind. And then there was the Night Mono, our new flagship road shoe, full of tech and footwear-firsts in a deceptively pared-down design. Like a lot of our releases, both shoes went to Kickstarter first, and we're pleased to confirm that pre-orders for both the Weekend and Night Mono have now shipped.

Nothing is ever easy where the production of new shoe models is concerned, and both the Weekend and Night Mono suffered some delays along the way. To our Kickstarter backers, we'd like to apologise for not getting the shoes to you as soon as we would have liked and to thank you for your patience in hanging in there. We hope you love them as much as we do.

If you didn't back the Night Mono when it first launched, you can now shop the shoe in white and black colourways through the links below. Having been lucky enough to ride a series of early prototypes since last July, we can attest to its comfort, durability and effortless speed - it's a beautiful road cycling shoe that rewards regular riding.