Spring ’18 Edit: Six Tan-Worthy Road Cycling Jerseys

Photos by various Words by Peter Harrington

Ready the razor and re-examine last year’s faded tan lines, for spring has arrived, and with it, a collection of warm weather road cycling jerseys set to remind you that arms are for tanning, and legs are for shaving.

We’ve selected six jerseys from some of our favourite brands, with only two criteria: looks so hot you risk phantom pedalling your office chair over to the water cooler, and tip-top performance guaranteed to raise your Strava game.

You'll also find helpful details about price, product links and delivery alongside each jersey, all of which can be bought and delivered directly from the brands themselves.


Cafe du Cycliste Dalida Road Cycling Jersey

Cafe du Cycliste Dalida Jersey
Availability: ships internationally
Price: £127

You can all but hear the opening spritz of a post-ride beverage when you browse the website of the Côte d’Azur's Cafe du Cycliste. If you’re not distracted by their sumptuous photography, or overcome by a sudden desire to put a slice of lemon in your bidon, Cafe's new 2018 jersey line will certainly command your attention.

Tailored with areas of well-placed perforated fabric, the Dalida jersey is all about airflow and hot weather ventilation. Styled with a pleasing block colour design, it follows the modern trend of slightly longer arms, which is always a bonus when trying to beat the devil that is arm warmer slippage. Well suited to all-day rides, the Dalida offers ample rear storage in the form of three main pockets, complemented by two zippered valuables pockets.

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Cafe du Cycliste Francine Road Cycling Jersey

Cafe du Cycliste Francine Jersey
Availability: ships internationally
Price: £127

Since first arriving on the scene, Cafe du Cycliste have offered male and female ranges in equal measure, and in the Francine, Cafe proudly carries on their well-balanced sartorial tradition.

Sensibly shaped with a narrower waist and slightly flared hips, the Francine sports a fast wicking fabric and well-placed mesh panels on the back and arms to encourage cooling airflow. Trimmed with a full zip, the jersey generously provides three rear pockets with a zippered fourth for valuables. Welcome touches of reflectivity adorn the rear, while an integrated audio cable system routing helps to alleviate boredom when taking turns on the home trainer.

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7Mesh Highline Road Cycling Jersey

7Mesh Highline Jersey
Availability: ships internationally
Price: £130

7Mesh might be better known for their superb range of “it might be raining but I’m not overheating” cycling outerwear, but this Canadian brand's unique blend of pared-down style and ahead-of-the-curve tech also infuses their summer road cycling collection.

According to 7Mesh, the Highline is for riders who "love to throw the hammer down", so it's clear that this is a jersey gunning for the KOTM spot on your local segment.

In common with other 7Mesh products, the fit of this refreshingly understated jersey is perfection itself, as is the flawless tailoring. Like Cafe's Dalida, the Highline offers not one but two zippered side pockets, in addition to the traditional rear three silhouette, so there should be room enough for keys, cards, a mini-pump, bananas and a balled-up jacket when you head for the hills.

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Pas Normal Studios Mechanism Road Cycling Jersey

Pas Normal Studios Mechanism Jersey
Availability: ships internationally
Price: £150

Pas Normal jerseys are not so much worn, as earned. With December’s festive timber still to be shifted, zipping up this unashamedly race-orientated cycling jersey before the season proper is only going to remind you about the hard miles to come. But a ride without suffering is like a baguette without cheese - too horrible to contemplate; which is why jerseys like the Mechanism exist. Yes, it’s exceptionally racey, but for an Italian-tight thoroughbred, it’s also refreshingly uncluttered and styled as only the Danes know how.

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Twin Six The GC Road Cycling Jersey

Twin Six The GC
Availability: ships internationally
Price: £60 (depends on currency conversion)

Every year, the designers at Twin Six come out with a slew of new cycling jersey designs, and every year, they outdo themselves. 2018 is no different, and with the GC, this Minnesota-based brand reminds us why riders keep coming back for more: eye-catching circles and lines, deep rear pockets, no fuss full-length zippers and a soft, made in the USA polyester microfibre.

Well-priced, creatively designed and hard-wearing - every rider needs a little Twin Six in their wardrobe.

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Ornot House Road Bike Jersey

ORNOT House Jersey (various colours)
Availability: ships internationally
Price: £100 (depends on currency conversion)

Their products might be designed in San Francisco and sewn by hand in California, but the success of ORNOT lies with their unique take on cycling jersey design. Darted, shaped and layered with abstract patterns and pops of colour, ORNOT jerseys are as visually arresting as they are comfortable. Tailored with modern sleeves, a countered fit, UPF protection and three rear pockets (sadly, no zippered pockets here), they play nicely with the brand’s matching bib shorts and socks, as well as with products from other brands.

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