Updates to the Gran Tourer

Words by Peter Harrington Photos by @quocshoes

The benefit to having so many varied and active members of the Quoc community out in the field is that we tend to get a lot of detailed product feedback. From local loops to epic events like the Atlas Mountain Race in Morocco, and the Silk Road Mountain Race in Kyrgyzstan, we’ve been lucky to have long-running conversations with some truly inspiring cyclists who go great lengths to help us develop future iterations of our footwear.

As we near the end of 2020, we’re pleased to release an updated version of the Gran Tourer, featuring many of the tweaks and changes informed by our racers, testers and early adopters.

Gran Tourer All-terrain Cycling Shoe

First, thanks to slight changes to the material that forms the shoe's upper, the GT is a little lighter. Not by a lot, but enough to notice when riding long distances. Next, we tweaked the heel cup, so the shoe holds the ankle better on the bike and while hiking off it. Finally, we re-engineered how the sole meets the mid-board, texturising the surface and reworking the bonding formula to create a far more robust connection. This last point is pretty important, as some riders had experienced an issue where under some conditions the sole could come unattached from the mid-board around the cleat area.

Eagle-eyed riders may also notice that the rubber compound, which feels slightly more pliable to aid off-bike excursions and grip under muddy conditions, has also had a small design refresh


The updated Gran Tourer ships December 14th. Pre-orders are now open:

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