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Our new whole sizing fits true to size.


As our Gran Tourer offers a generous fit, coming up half a size bigger, we have decided to phase out our half sizes and all new Gran Tourers will be whole sizes. The size of the shoe will not be changing but the half sizes will be rounded up to a full size: i.e an EU38.5 is now an EU39. Thank you for your support and understanding!

*CM This measurement is the internal length of the shoe, we recommend adding at least 5mm to your foot measurement so that there is a comfortable amount of room at the front of the shoe.

If you need some help, please do get in touch.


With our Night Mono Strap and Weekend ranges offering a generous fit, we recommend sizing down to the nearest half size when choosing the right fit. For example, if you are usually a EU39, the best fit would be a half size down: i.e. EU38.5. However, if you already wear a half size, let’s say EU39.5, then we would recommend sticking to your size and purchasing an EU39.5. 


Our Night Lace Ups have a narrow fit so we recommend sizing up when purchasing this range. For example, if you are usually an EU39, the best fit would be EU39.5. However, if you are already a half size, i.e. EU39.5 we would recommend going a whole size up to EU40.5. 

Sizing FAQs

Yes, our Mono II and Gran Tourer shoes have a wide toe box for a more comfortable and natural fit. They both also have plenty of adjustability by using laces or the double dial system.

Our Night model is our only shoe with a slightly narrower fit.

Compared to Giro, Fizik, Specialized and Shimano we recommend sticking to the same EU sizes, as the length is similar. We have found that our toe box is slightly wider than the standard fit shoes manufactured by these brands.

If you usually wear a half EU size in these brands, we recommend rounding up.