Weekend Gravel Racing: Grinduro Wales

A few weeks ago our latest QUOC Ambassador @bicycle_factory (Tom Gibbs) spent the weekend in Wales at the ⁠⁠Grinduro gravel race. As well as having a great weekend riding, he also took some beautiful photographs.QUOC Cycling shoes Grinduro Wales

Tom is a bikepacking and adventure cyclist based in London U.K. Having been raised on skateboarding and fixed gear bikes his focus turned to off-road cycling to escape the busy city life and to have a laugh in nature with his friends. 

A love for photography started to develop as a means to document his rides and trips and to bring a constant creative element his cycling. ⁠⁠
QUOC Gravel Cycling ShoesMore recently he’s been drawn to endurance events such as the Atlas Mountain Race and Great British Divide where he’ll put our Gran Tourer gravel shoes to the test. He aims to document the events from a rider’s perspective giving insight into locations and sections of trails that media teams find trickier to access. ⁠⁠

He hopes that through his work he can encourage others to unlock the same positivity that cycling has given him and to help support the U.K. off-road scenes.

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