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08.05.19 - The Night Mono Road Cycling Shoe

World’s First Cycling Shoe Made with Silent Bolt Straps™.

London, UK Cycling shoe brand Quoc today announced ‘The Night Mono’, a lightweight race-grade road cycling shoe made with a zone-mapped unidirectional carbon sole, a drag-reducing Aerofoil™ dimpled upper, innovative silent straps and custom features to find the perfect fit.

Night Mono is a race-grade road cycling shoe, built for all-out speed and Grand Tour comfort. Mono features silent Bolt Straps™ that redefine foot support and control. For the first time in cycling shoes, a closure system free of velcro for faster starts, long term durability and less noise when leaving the house.

At 500g per pair in size 8.5, Mono is Quoc’s lightest shoe yet, thanks to a unidirectional full carbon sole, strengthened around the cleat and foot arch for lossless power transfer to the pedals, and tapered for weight-saving in non-critical zones. And it’s also the fastest. Out on the road, Mono’s Aerofoil dimpled exterior creates a thin turbulent boundary layer of air that clings to the surface, allowing the air to follow farther around the back of the shoe, decreasing the size of the wake and significantly reducing drag.

“The Mono is our response to the riders who have been asking for a race-focused, strap closure road cycling shoe,” said founder and designer Quoc Pham. “But we were never going to make a road shoe with velcro, which we have always found too harsh and jarring, or simply rush out a product without doing something that we felt was more appropriate than other options on the market. So off the back of the great success of our Gran Tourer, we created a new last that inherited the comfort of our proven gravel shoe. And we blended that with premium materials, like a custom carbon sole, Aerofoil dimpled upper, a padded and perforated tongue, and press close, silent Bolt Straps™ to make a tactile, light and exceptionally comfortable road cycling shoe.”

Mono ships with three sizes of arch support to help tune its padded Natural Fit insole to the rider’s foot, and dual-position straps that unwrap and reposition to cater for low or high volume foot shapes.

Mono opens for pre-orders May 9th, and ships mid-July.

est. MSRP £260 inc VAT




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13.12.18 - The Weekend Cycling Sneaker

World’s First Eco Performance Cycling Shoe Made with Bloom Algae Foam Features Clip-in Compatibility, a Watertight Outsole, Elastic Laces and Go-Anywhere Looks.

London, UK Cycling shoe brand Quoc today announced ‘The Weekend’, a new type of performance sneaker inspired by cycling’s colour and culture, made in part with Bloom’s plant-based, EVA-replacement foam.

The Weekend combines the comfort, style and agility of a sports sneaker with clipless pedal compatibility, reflectivity and easy-in elastic laces that make tying and retying a thing of the past.

“For the past few years, we’ve been making city cycling footwear that works on and off the bike, helping riders around the world transition from pedal to pavement in style and comfort,” said founder and designer Quoc Pham, of the company’s latest cycling-focused shoe. “With The Weekend, we wanted to redefine the casual cycling shoe. Which is why we partnered with Bloom, a company in Mississippi that transforms green water into clean water to make performance foams. Which means that for every Weekend we make, 395 half litre bottles of clean water will have been returned to the environment.”

To better navigate changeable conditions, The Weekend features a watertight outsole to help keep feet dry and comfortable, and a strengthened mid-board to balance the dual demands of walking and cycling.

Launching on Kickstarter on March 12th, The Weekend will be available in olive, cream and black.

est. MSRP £149 / $185




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