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Ambassador Agreement

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THIS AGREEMENT is made on the day of the ambassador application form is submitted by the Applicant which becomes effective between Quoc Pham Ltd, email:; 64 Southwark Bridge Road, SE1 0AS London, United Kingdom (the "Sponsor") andthe Applicant with Name, E-mail and Physical Address specified in the application form (the "Recipient"), together as the “Parties”. Upon application approval, The Recipient is first approved as a Prospect Ambassador in evaluation before becoming an Official Ambassador.

NOW, THEREFORE, it is agreed as follows:


  1.  Prospect Ambassador Right. The Sponsor grants to the Recipient Deliverables in exchange for the Recipient Deliverables set forth during the term of this Agreement.


  1.  Sponsor Payments. Sponsor will provide the Recipient with the following within thirty (30) days from Effective Date. The Sponsor has no obligation to perform and/or pay any deliverables other than those agreed below.
  1.   Deliverables.

(a)  Access to The Sponsor's Ambassador Platform to participate in campaigns and activities; and

(b)  1 pair of Quoc shoes with or without a discount depending on the current selling price; 

  1.  Recipient Deliverables.The Recipient will provide the Sponsor with the deliverables set forth. The key is to WOW us - deliver beyond what’s asked of you:

(a)  The Recipient needs to participate in mandatory campaigns created for Prospect Ambassadors and complete tasks requested for evaluation with integrity and quality; and

(b)  Promotional campaigns of Sponsor: Recipient is required to help promote and engage with Sponsor campaigns on his/her social media channels through images, writings or videos.

  1.  Sponsor Use of Recipient Name. Recipient grants Sponsor the non-exclusive right to use the Recipient name and logos solely in connection with Sponsor's sponsorship of the Recipient. Sponsor does not become the owner of, and the Recipient retains title to, such Recipient name and logos if any.


  1.  Term. The term of this Agreement shall be for three (3) months from the date that the Applicant is approved as a Prospect Ambassador unless sooner terminated. This Agreement may be renewed for a subsequent three (3) months upon terms and conditions as agreed by the Sponsor and the Recipient.

  1.  Termination. This Agreement may be terminated early by either party for substantial breach of any provision of this Agreement by the other; or by the Sponsor if the Recipient causes harm, directly or indirectly, with or without intention, to the Sponsor’s image.

  1. Prospect Ambassador Evaluation. during Prospect Ambassador term of duration, the Recipient will be evaluated based on the quality of his/her deliverables. After the first term, the eligibility for becoming an Official Ambassador will be evaluated. The necessity for an extended evaluation beyond the first term will be based on the sole discretion of the Sponsor, but maximum evaluation period is limited to two terms, in total of six (6) months. Once the Applicant, also the Prospect Ambassador (the “Recipient”) becomes an Official Ambassador, any payment previously made to the Sponsor by the Recipient will be 100% refunded to the original payment method. If otherwise, the Prospect Ambassador is not qualified to be an Official Ambassador, the payment will not be refunded and the Agreement dictating the relationship between the Parties will terminate immediately. No new agreement will be signed dictating the new relationship of the Parties. If the Official Ambassador is not performing to Sponsor's standard, the Sponsor reserves the ultimate right to terminate the Ambassadorship between the Recipient and the Sponsor at any time. 


    1.  Brand Protection. The Recipient agrees to ask the Sponsor for consent of any changes to product, name, logo, promotional and/or other materials and/or marketing efforts. 

    1.  Trademark Ownership. The Recipient accepts that the Sponsor is the exclusive owner of the Trademarks “Quoc Pham” and “QUOC”. The Recipient has no right, title or interest whatsoever in the Trademarks.


    1. Communication. Notices and communications shall be sent by email to the addresses below:

    Sponsor Email:

    Recipient Email:specified in the application form


    1.  Relationship of Parties. The relationship between the parties established by this Agreement shall be solely that of sponsor and sponsored party and all rights and powers not expressly granted to the Recipient are expressly reserved to the Sponsor. The Recipient shall have no right, power or authority in any way to bind the Sponsor to the fulfillment of any condition not herein contained, or to any contract or obligation.

    1.  Independence of Parties. Neither party hereto shall have any right whatsoever to incur any liabilities or obligations on behalf or binding upon the other party.

    1.  Indemnity. The Recipient agrees to hold the Sponsor free and harmless from any and all claims, damages, and expenses of every kind (a) arising from acts of the Recipient; (b) as a consequence of termination of this Agreement; or (c) arising from acts of third parties in relation to the Recipient under this Agreement.

    1.  Entire Agreement. This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement and understanding between the parties and supersedes all prior oral or written agreements and understandings between the parties.

    1.  Governing Law. This Agreement shall be governed by the laws and jurisdiction ofEngland and Wales.

    IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties have caused this Agreement to be executed by their duly authorized officers as of the date and year indicated above.


    Name: Quoc Pham

    Title: CEO

    Signature: Quoc Pham



    Name: __[the same as specified in the application form]__

    Title: __[the same as specified in the application form]__

    Signature:_____[once the APPLICATION FORM is submitted, the agreement is regarded as being signed and becomes immediately effective]______