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Road Cycling Shoes

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Road Cycling Shoes

Quoc road cycling shoes combine timeless craftsmanship with effortless style, delivering unmatched comfort throughout even the longest days in the saddle. Crafted with a natural spring in the sole inspired by the finest custom steel road bicycles, the Night lace-up collection delivers mile after mile of plush comfort, leaving your feet feeling fresh, rested and ready for the next ride. 

Quoc Road Bike Shoes

The Night collection features a marbled carbon-fibre composite sole, built with a forgiving flex designed to emulate the 'springy' feel of the finest custom steel bicycles.

Most road cycling shoes are built for winning sprints at the Tour de France, and while a rigid, unyielding sole is great for a pro rider maxing out in a race for the line, for the majority of cyclists, race-stiff is altogether too stiff for fatigue-free long ride comfort.

Crafted with an underside vent complemented by well-placed upper air zones, the Night's sole helps to cool your feet throughout even the most challenging of rides.

Sink your feet into the Night's handmade interior, and feel the plush comfort of an EVA foam footbed, a sensibly sized toe box and supportive heel cup.

Road Bicycle Footwear

Road Biking Footwear

Road Cycling Footwear


"The uppers of the Night were very flexible, it was like wearing a pair of sneakers on the bike. I was worried that this might translate to a lack of support, but that was never the case. Instead, I had a lot of freedom to move my feet around, which was welcome on long rides." - Cycling Tips

Free of straps, clasps and click-clack closures, the Night collection of lace up road cycling shoes takes inspiration from the timeless style of track cycling footwear with a patented lace closure system that affords a secure, comfort-enhancing fit throughout any ride.

Loop, knot, pull and ride with a fit and forget lace system that won't budge even during the fastest sprint.  A handy elastic tie holder on the shoe's tongue presents a neat, pared-down finish.