Shoe Care

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Simple and effective techniques to care for your shoes

First, it's important to start with a clean surface. To do this, use a medium to soft bristle brush to wipe away dust. Start lightly and then increase the pressure to remove unsightly scuff marks. Try not to brush too vigorously, as this can cause surface damage.

Now take a cotton cloth or even an old t-shirt, dampen one side with water, wrap it around your index and middle finger and dip it into the polish. Try to avoid applying blotches, instead build up layers of polish slowly by applying it in a circular motion. This will nourish the leather and help prevent it from cracking.

Take approximately 20 minutes polishing your shoes, working several layers of polish into the leather. Allow the leather to absorb the polish for 10 minutes. To finish, use the dry half of the cloth to rub down the shoes.

After cleaning or wearing always remember to fill the shoes with newspaper to absorb moisture and maintain leather durability.