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SPD Shoes

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SPD Clip-in Bike Shoes

If there's one way to take your riding to the next level, it's with a pair of SPD shoes. Created by Japanese brand Shimano, whose Pedaling Dynamics system first brought clip-in bike shoes to the mass market in the 90s, SPD has since become a catch-all, generic term for any recessed, clipless cycling shoe system commonly found on urban cycling shoes and gravel bike shoes.

SPD Shoes

Walkable Cycling Shoes

No matter how much cycling you do, at some point, you'll want to take a break from the trails and shuffle off to grab that mid-ride coffee, or head to a meeting after locking your bike up in the city. And for ease of walking, it's hard to beat a pair of SPD shoes. With clipless shoes, the cleats - the connecting point on the sole of your shoe - are tucked away inside the sole, allowing you to walk with the ease of a non-bike shoe when away from the bike. To clip-in to the pedals, just like a ski binding system, a swift press of the foot connects the shoe with a satisfying 'click' (possibly a 'clunk'). An outside ankle twist unclips the shoe from the pedal.

Setting the Stiffness of an SPD Pedal

All SPD pedals feature some variation of an Allen key adjustment, so first-timers to a clipless shoe system can slacken the tension, before tightening things up as they build confidence. Generally, setting up the spd pedals for a stiffer release is a good idea, as it prevents accidentally unclipping mid-pedal stroke. Set them up too stiff, however, and you may struggle to disengage - don't do that!

Quoc Gran Tourer SPD Shoes

Gran Tourer SPD Shoes

SPD Clip-in Bike Shoes

Urban Cycling Shoes

Made for bike commuting and cycling around town, urban cycling shoes combine the ease of an SPD clip-in with off the bike walking comfort. Cycle to your meeting, lock your ride and walk away - an urban bike shoe offers the pedal efficiency and confidence of a cycling shoe, with the style and comfort of a sneaker.

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Gravel Bike Shoes

Whether hauling the bike over gates, hike-a-biking over fallen trees, or fording wide expanses of water, heading off-road makes great demands of your footwear, so gravel bike shoes need to be both nimble and rugged when on foot, and confidence-inspiring on the pedal.

We made our Gran Tourer collection of bikepacking shoes to solve this exact problem. Now available to order after their successful Kickstarter, these all-terrain kicks can handle any amount of off-road (including classic cross-country mountain biking), and, with our specially-formulated sole, turn time walking the bike into an easy hike, rather than an awkward fumble.

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