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Quoc Urban Cycling shoes - SPD commuter bike footwear

There are few things better than zipping through the city with a pair of urban cycling shoes, safe in the knowledge that when the time comes to park up, you can stride away from the bike without changing your footwear. Commuter cycling shoes have come a long way, and the Quoc range takes cycling essentials such as SPD clip-in compatibility and combines them with non-cycling shoe looks that won't have your work colleagues wondering where you keep your bike.

SPD Urban Cycling Shoes

No time for trainers

Cycling puts a lot of strain on your footwear, and if you've ever seen someone riding in trainers rather than urban cycling shoes, you'll be familiar with the upside down curve as their too flexible sole bends around the pedal under force. But as well as power transfer, think about the action of turning the pedals: if you're not connected to the bike, you can only push them down, which means that you're not so much turning the cranks as mashing them. 


Commuter bike shoes are different. Instead of underfoot flex, you'll find a sole that sports pedal stiffness, crank-turning clipless pedal compatibility and off-bike walking comfort. It's all about balance, and if you ride then walk with Quoc urban cycling shoes, you'll see just how well they perform.

Then there's the upper, where it's a matter of blending durability with casual bike shoe style, along with smart enhancements like a rear-facing reflective patch for street safety.

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The chances are that you already bike commute. But when you start to ride with SPD shoes, the change isn't restricted to your feet. There's a subtle shift that takes place when you treat the commute as part of your day, and not as an isolated blast to the office door. As you seamlessly jump from traffic stop to coffee shop, connecting with the bike and the two and fro of the city, your ride starts to feel both fluid and natural. 


From our office-friendly urbanite range to the Hardcourt bike polo series, Quoc city cy cling shoesare an essential part of the daily routine for thousands of cyclists around the world. Explore our collection below, and if you need some advice, then drop us a line.