QUOC Cycling shoes Fernwee in the Dolomites

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Who better to test out our Mono II road shoes than @fernwee.cc and @mikevlietstra ? The duo rode ‘the hardest route in the Dolomites’ racking up the kms and elevation all whilst wearing our lightest road shoes yet. The route really put our shoes through their paces, from long steep climbs, to narrow winding descents all in the heat of the Italian Dolomites.

QUOC Cycling shoes Fernwee in the Dolomites

From the first kilometre, the shoes were being critiqued as @mikevlietstra had not ridden in them before. Most cyclists like to wear in their shoes to get used to the fit and identify any hot-spots… not @mikevlietstra. His first ride in the Mono IIs was 8 hours in the saddle with a lot of climbing on new roads in new shoes.QUOC Cycling shoes Fernwee in the Dolomites

So… the verdict?

Beautiful shoes? Check.
Stiff sole? Check.
Intuitive and easily adjustable dials? Check.
Beautiful shoes? Check.

Head over to @fernwee.cc YouTube to see the full vlog video of the day. 


Video: @fernwee.cc / @mikevlietstra

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