Born in London

Founded in 2009, QUOC is an independent, British brand with a 12-year history designing high-performance, comfort-driven shoes. Challenging conventional parameters of cycling footwear, we spent a decade hand-crafting our last; refining every last millimetre to arrive at a near-personalised fit for each and every rider.

Contentment in Simplicity

We know that cycling can unlock a host of mental and physical benefits that are unique to every rider. What is universal is that cycling facilitates a return to simplicity in which we can find contentment. That's why we make shoes that entirely remove obstructions, driven by a desire to simplify the ride and spread the enjoyment of cycling to as many people as possible.

Strong Values Are As Important As Strong Legs

We offer today's rider a choice outside of mainstream parameters. We speak to those who seek comfort, style, and values in their apparel preferences, in addition to pack-leading performance. A big part of cycling is building human connections, so we offer a highly personal service to our community, and work with athletes and riders who promote wider social causes that we support and believe in.

True Heroes of Cycling

We believe in celebrating everyone, not just those winning medals. We look up to those who ride in their own style, whose dedication to cycling transcends their gear and ranking, and who manifest the adventurous spirit and genuine camaraderie that has come to define our sport. We're proud to be part of an incredible community who inspire us to make shoes for every type of cyclist.

Love Where You Ride

We believe in protecting our ride environments so that future generations of cyclists can experience it. We package our products with eco-friendly materials, and are committed to using resources minimally and replenishing what we use. QUOC works with Tree Nation to plant a tree for each pair of shoes sold, doing our part in the global effort to fight climate change.

Quoc's Story

QUOC exists to get more people on bikes through better shoes and better ride experiences. But before 'QUOC', the brand, came Quoc, the man: a cyclist and fashion school graduate who in 2009, simply set out to design a pair of shoes that he himself wanted to wear.