Bike, Hike & Break Camp: Previewing the Quoc Gran Tourer Shoe

Bike, Hike & Break Camp: Previewing the Quoc Gran Tourer Shoe

We’ve had this one in mind and development for a couple of years. Sure, we could have announced it earlier, but some things are best left to grow in the development space, not released hurriedly out of time.

Compared to gravel cycling shoes, road shoes have it pretty easy - cruising the black-top calls for smooth, stiff carbon underfoot, not the sort of sole that can hack trails, tracking and tinder foraging in the space of a single day. The Gran Tourer Bike Shoe is our response to the challenges of the backcountry.

Built with a specially-formulated, water blocking carbon composite sole (tyre spray and the occasional puddle-foot will have to find a home elsewhere), the Quoc GT shoe is equally able to holster and hike as it is pedal through day and night, should the need arise

Because click-clack system break, we built the Gran Tourer with a lace-up closure system. Designed to fit all-ride long, the Gran Tourer ships with the Quoc Double-Lock lace system. By tensioning different lace sections to your liking, creating a supportive, custom fit for the day ahead is as simple as loop, knot & pull.


Words by Peter Harrington Photos by @chrismcclean

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