Setting Goals for 2024

Whether it's gearing up for your most competitive season yet or planning adventures on new terrains on the bike, QUOC's community of riders and coaches share their tips on setting and keeping goals in 2024, as well as examples of goals they've set for themselves.

“Setting goals can sometimes be the easy part, sticking to the training to hit those goals can be the hardest thing to achieve. I would always try and encourage people to fit fun things in, rides with mates or some adventures that split the training up.”

Danni Shrosbree - Pro Gravel Cyclist

Tip 1—Look at the year ahead, map out key targets or races, and work backwards to build a solid plan from there.

Tip 2—Stick to a routine, but feel comfortable to adapt as you go. Breaking your schedule up week to week allows you to shift plans into the following week if life gets in the way.

Tip 3—Give yourself mini goals. Any little win that you can make in the lead up to bigger milestones will help to keep the positivity high.

“Visualising reaching your goal can motivate you for days when you feel lazy. Picture yourself doing the race or event, crossing the line, preparing the bike the night before or successfully descending a gnarly section.”

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Laura Gallardo Garcia - Barcelona-based Cycling Coach

Tip 1—It's important that goals are personal or unique to you, rather than something that is perhaps trendy or that other people are doing.

Tip 2—We don’t need to train every day, because we all have other priorities and duties, but we do need to be consistent in training if we want to do well.

Tip 3—Make goals that allow you to enjoy the process. The process of training, being healthy, the nutrition, getting good sleep, etc

“I am a very motivated person when there is a goal at hand, otherwise I often feel quite lost. Setting these goals is important for me, it gives me something to fixate all my attention on with my training and go all in.”

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Ryan Petrie - Australian Cyclist and PNS Racer

Goal 1—UCI Gravel and Gravel Earth Series leading into the main event for the first half of the season: Traka 360.

Goal 2—Me, my gravel bike and 3 of Australia's oldest pubs as my destination.

Goal 3—Another crack at Taiwan KOM would only be fair.